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“Watt” To Do With Extra Servo Regen Power?

Teknic acquired a patent for a “technique and equipment to dissipate recovered power from a mechanical load when linked to a motor throughout braking”. This characteristic, referred to as Vector Regen Shunt (VRS), has been added to all of Teknic’s ClearPath servos. VRS helps to simplify servo programs by eliminating the necessity for exterior regenerative circuits and shunts thereby decreasing prices, house necessities, wiring and system complexity.

Watt is “Servo Regen Power”?

  • In movement management programs, motors usually carry out a periodic braking perform the place kinetic power is transferred from a load to a motor.
  • Regenerative power can happen when decelerating linked hundreds, reducing linked hundreds (e.g., an elevator), retracting a load away from a compressed spring, and so on.
  • Regen power is returned to the digital motor inverter circuitry after which effectively transferred to a DC voltage bus inside the motor drive circuit. 
  • In purposes which can be powered by an AC line (alternating present) the regenerated power is often returned to a capacitor financial institution.
  • Capacitors have power storage limitations, which signifies that machine designers both have to cut back the quantity of kinetic power produced or deal with extra regen power elsewhere.
  • Historically, the most typical approach of dealing with extra regen power is to direct the power right into a resistive load and convert the power to waste warmth. Nonetheless, this provides complexity and extra price to a system.

“Watt” does Teknic’s patented VRS perform do to deal with Regen Power?

  • When enabled, Teknic’s patented VRS characteristic will seamlessly dissipate regenerative power utilizing the motor’s windings to handle this extra power.
  • Enabling Teknic’s patented VRS perform is as straightforward as clicking a checkbox. 
  • In lots of programs, the VRS permits Teknic’s ClearPath built-in servo motor for use with none exterior regen parts which reduces system price, wiring and complexity.



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