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terminal – Customizing PS1 for 2 rows just like zsh kali

I hoped somebody may have the ability to assist me determine how I can customise my PS1 on macos zsh to appear to be Kali zsh.

Right here is $PS1 from Kali zsh:

%F{%(}┌──${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)─}${VIRTUAL_ENV:+($(basename $VIRTUAL_ENV))─}(%BpercentF{%(}%n$prompt_symbolpercentmpercentbpercentF{%(})-[%B%F{reset}%(6~.%-1~/…/%4~.%5~)%b%F{%(}]

And, in fact, right here is $PS1 from macOS zsh:

%n@%m %1~ %#

im kinda hung up on this space

${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)─}${VIRTUAL_ENV:+($(basename $VIRTUAL_ENV))─}

And lastly im a little bit involved that if i take away these clearly linux components of the PS1, with out totally understanding how they behave, and don’t notice i want to exchange them in variety with one thing macOS appropriate, that I am going no the place quick.

This PS1, as-is, is clearly not going to fly in macos however theres a number of different components within the kali PS1 that make me consider that merely deleting that stuff or not eradicating different stuff may mess issues up royally.

If anybody could possibly be so variety i might significantly admire it.



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