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An interactive Beer Pong desk with Arduino – Open Electronics

By on February 24, 2022

Beer Pong and its derivatives are a few of the hottest video games on faculty campuses, however they aren’t all that thrilling with only a few cups on the ends of a plastic folding desk. Meet the interactive desk tennis desk, created by Instructables consumer boregan1. It incorporates a totally custom-made board recreation expertise with a big matrix of LEDs working underneath the middle and 20 complete cup zones that can be utilized to play extra intriguing video games. There are even arcade buttons surrounding the edges of the desk that act as online game controllers when gamers simply desire a fast match.

A complete of 4 Arduino Nano have been used to construct the Interactive Pong Desk, every of which is liable for a single facet and communicates with the others through the I2C protocol. Within the heart is the principle controller that manages the LED matrix, constructed utilizing WS2812b RGB LED strips, central and the sport logic. It will probably present animated and enjoyable graphics within the heart of the desk and even carry out basic pong. The cups at both finish of the desk are traced with the usage of infrared emitter / receiver pairs that change their voltage every time a cup is eliminated. This permits the LEDs underneath the cups to mild up or play an animation if one is eliminated. Additionally, the sport working on the principle controller can hold monitor of which participant has the fewest cups remaining.

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